Provincewide-shutdown Eligibility

Thank you for your inquiry! We’d love to help you get your home sparkling clean, but before we get started with a customized quote for your home, we will need to determine whether we can meet the current COVID-19 Lockdown restrictions.

If any of the below apply, answer "yes" and we can quote you for a cleaning.


If you answer "no" we will be unable to do your cleaning until after the lockdown has been lifted. 

( May 20th )

  • The cleaning is for a post-construction cleaning

  • The cleaning is for a property you manage (e.g. Airbnb)

  • The household has children

  • The household has a person aged 55 or above

  • The household has a person considered vulnerable (health-wise, mentally, emotionally, economically, and situationally)


     This includes people of any age with medical conditions - for example:

  1. Arthritis

  2. Asthma

  3. Chronic fatigue

  4. Lung disease

  5. Heart disease

  6. High blood pressure

  7. Diabetes

  8. Kidney disease

  9. Liver disease

  10. Stroke

  11. Dementia

  12. Dizziness

  13. Immunocompromised, including those with an underlying medical condition (for example, cancer) or taking medications which lower the immune system (for example, chemotherapy)

  14. Any other medical condition, illness, disease, impairment, or physical disability not listed here that affects the ability to perform a thorough sanitation cleaning for COVID-19

  15. The household has a person with a mental, cognitive or emotional disorder. For example:

  16. Depression

  17. Anxiety

  18. Hoarding

  19.   other

  • The household has a person living with obesity (BMI of 40 or higher)

  • The household has a person with difficulty reading, speaking, understanding or communicating

  • The household has a person requiring ongoing specialized medical care or needs specific medical supplies

  • The household has a person requiring ongoing supervision needs or support for maintaining independence

  • The household has someone in it who is considered a vulnerable person, but did not seem to fit any of the above descriptions

  If any of the above apply, please click on  Online quote


 If any of the Above do not apply please book with us after the shut down ( May 20th ).