Post Construction Cleaning 

It is no denying that post construction cleaning is completely different from other cleaning chores. The special methods and equipment will be required. Certainly, doing it yourself won’t make sense and this is exactly where counting on Orchid Housekeeping makes sense. We are the leading professionals that bring you the best cleaning solutions to clear the mess after construction work is done. We are working with a highly dependable team that is trained and professional. We cover all the aspects of cleaning to move the dust out and make move in easy for you.

Orchid Housekeeping No hidden fees
No Hidden Fees
Orchid Housekeeping uses high quality cleaning products
High Quality Cleaning Product 

Our different cleaning packages are designed to conquer all the challenges of clearing out the dust and serve all your post-construction cleaning needs. Whether it is a refurbished floor or a new addition, we make post-construction cleaning easy. We use better equipment and advanced technology to make sure everything is done in no time. We don’t just focus on cleaning the property but also strive to serve you 100% satisfaction. 

We undertake your post construction cleaning project to provide you customized solutions and reliable services. For us, meeting deadlines is important. However, it really does not mean that we let you compromise on quality. Our team is proactively working round-the-clock and promises to meet your cleaning concerns in an effortless way. From vacuuming and wiping off to sweeping and steam cleaning, we specialize in everything. In fact, we implement the best practices to make sure you get served what you actually deserve. Now, stay tuned and bid adieu to worries of post construction cleaning. 

Orchid Housekeeping Hotel standard service
Hotel Standard Services 

Orchid Housekeeping is dedicated to providing best quality cleaning service to all clients 

All Our housekeepers have been trained
professionally to bring hotel standard
housekeeping to  your property .

Hotel Housekeeping training includes:
- Professionalism
- Guest relations
- Cleaning responsibilities
- Protection
- Safety

Orchid housekeeping efficient cleaning
Efficient Cleaning 

We always provide quality service, but we really pride ourselves on the additional features we offer. Orchid Housekeeping is complete with professional resources and experienced service providers.

We have developed a systematic cleaning process to provide the most efficient cycle to clean and sanitize your air bob units  without missing any area. 

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